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  1. Recently, I came across some old WWII correspondence to Frank LaFoon Park Cafe Chico Calif from a son stationed in Japan and Europe. I can’t read the son’s name, but assume he eventually married Barbara. If he or his family is still in the area, I would like to return the letters. If not, are you interested in them?

    • Hi Nattey. I know the grandaughter of Rose LaFoon who owned the park cafe. I would be happy to get them to her and I’m sure she would cherish them. You could send them to me c/o Chico Heritage Association at the PO box on this website.
      Randy Taylor

  2. Hi. Do you have any history of the Chico Fire Department? I am specifically looking to find out if W. W. Wilson (William Winslow Wilson) was ever a member of the Deluge Hose Company. Mr. Wilson was born in about 1868 in Massachusetts. He is in Chico as early as 1890. He was appointed Postmaster of Chico in May of 1898. Wilson was still living in Chico in 1900, but had moved to San Francisco by 1910. He died in San Mateo on 22 Dec 1965. I own a very fine gold fire department badge presented to W. W. Wilson by the Deluge Hose Company on January 5, 1897. Mr. Wilson’s book store and his home were three or four blocks from the Deluge firehouse. There were, of course, other fire departments that had a Deluge Hose Company. The badge may not be from Chico, but I hope that it is. I would appreciate any help that you may be able to provide. Feel free to email me directly if you would like to see photos of the badge. Thank you.

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